12 Hours ‘Hands-On IoT for Hobby Professionals & Research Candidates’ Workshop

Hobby Professionals, Research Faculty/ Students and IoT enthusiasts are interested in kick-starting their IoT journey by making things and playing around with IoT kits and boards. They are looking for the right place to start their experiments. We now bring a two day course for the hobby professionals, research faculty/ students and IoT enthusiasts to deliver exactly what they need – a hands-on driven workshop to understand IoT.


Many hobby professionals, IoT enthusiasts, academic faculty, PhD scholars and young students want to start experimenting with IoT kits and sensors. They need to satisfy their inquisitiveness through some hand-holding in the beginning. This is exactly what this workshop aims to fulfill – initial two days of hand-holding that allows the participants to work with Arduino kits, sensors, cloud – working on real world use cases to satisfy their curiosity.

Workshop Content (12 Hours)

The workshop has a hands-on driven content that aims to make the participant familiar with the Arduino kits through implementation of a few end-to-end use cases.

Workshop Delivery

1 – Methodology

IoT concepts will be introduced to the participants and then the majority of the workshop will include hands-on exercises covering sensors, wifi modules, arduino kits and cloud. The workshop is a classroom based, one-on-one course, where the trainers are personally involved with the participants to deliver value for the time spent. Additionally the trainers are working as IoT experts and consultants in the industry. The key facilitator for this course is Mr. Sachin Sadare.

[Profile Link – http://www.iotworkshops.in/profile-sachin-sadare/].

2 – Schedule

Typically the 12 hour course is spread over 2 days, 6 hours a day. The tentative schedule of the 12 hour workshop is as follows.


Additionally, the course content and the schedule can be further customized (in consultation with the stakeholders) to meet the requirements of the organization.

3 – Hands-On

This is a hands-on driven workshop for hobby professionals, IoT enthusiasts and research students. The IoT concepts will be introduced before focusing on the hands-on part. Basic Kit for the workshop will be provided to the participants (included in the cost of the workshop).

4 – Interactive Session

The trainers are experts to help solve the questions and doubts of the participants. Being a hands-on session, interactivity between the faculty and the participant is the key to delivering it successfully.


Key Takeaways for the Participants

The workshop is designed to be a hands-on IoT workshop with the following key takeaways:

  • Young hobby professionals, IoT enthusiasts and research scholars will get an introduction to the world of IoT from a hands-on perspective.
  • Implementation of use cases like LDR, temperature monitoring etc will create further interest in implementing similar use cases.
  • A discussion on projects that can be taken up at an individual level – example being smart parking solution
  • Thorough understanding of the Arduino board and its working


The course content is targeted towards the young professionals, hobby professionals and the research scholars. The main aim of the workshop is to introduce the Arduino kit to the participants and help in the implementation of a few sensor based use cases. Participants will be encouraged to take up individual projects in the field of IoT.

Contact Us

If you are looking to conduct the ‘Hands-On IoT’ workshop in your organization, let us know. We will work with you based on your needs and company objectives. Write to us at sachin@iotworkshops.in or call us on +91 9892591561 to discuss further.

— Team IoT Workshops

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