30 Hours ‘Advanced Deep Dive IoT’ Workshop for Application Developers

We are offering a 30 hour ‘Advanced Internet of Things’ Workshop, specifically catering to application developers who are well versed with the basic applications of IoT on different boards/ protocols and would like to take a deep dive into IoT application development.


Many IOT professionals and developers are very comfortable writing programs for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes. They now want to do a deep dive into IoT application programming. It would mean, working with multiple boards, protocols, devices and sensors in the same application. It is a challenge that application developers will face in the real world. This workshop takes a deep dive approach into solving these very challenges.

Who Should Attend?

IoT Solution Architects, IoT Technical Architects, IoT Application Developers, IoT Testers, Aspiring IoT programmers, Project Managers, Technical Leads, Hardware Designers, Prototype Designers.

Workshop Content (30 Hours)

The course content has been designed so that the participants work on different boards, protocols and sensors, thereby working on an end-to-end use case implementation using all of them together. It attempts to solve the inter-operability related to boards, protocols and sensors.

Workshop Delivery

1 – Methodology

All the workshop trainers are IoT experts, each having an overall professional experience of at least 15+ yrs and working in the area of IoT for at least 5+ yrs. This workshop will be a hands-on driven one where the main focus will be on implementing advanced IoT use cases. The workshop is a classroom based, one-on-one course, where the trainers are personally involved with the participants to deliver value for the time spent.  They are experienced enough to satisfactorily answer the queries raised by the participants.

 2 – Schedule

Typically the 30 hour course is spread over 5 days, 6 hours a day. The tentative schedule of the 5 day, 30 hour workshop is as follows.


Additionally, the course content and the schedule can be customized to meet the time requirements of the organization.

3 – Hands-On (End – to – End Implementation of an IoT Use Case)

This is purely an hands-on based workshop. A kit will be given to the participants on a returnable basis. If required, takeaway kits can be provided to the participants at an additional cost.

4 – Quiz and Tests

Depending on the participant profile and the content delivered, we will administer a hands-on test on the last day to let the participants evaluate their understanding of the concepts of advanced IoT programming.

Key Takeaways for the Corporate/ Participants

The workshop is designed to be an advanced deep dive IoT workshop with the following key takeaways:

  • IoT application developers will see value in cross board, cross protocol and multiple sensor IoT programming. They will get a thorough understanding of the challenges and solutions in advanced IoT programming.
  • An end-to-end use case will be implemented using the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, multiple protocols and various sensors, thereby showcasing a practical methodology to successfully implement a complex IoT use case.


The main aim of the workshop is to make the participants go through the process of implementing a complex IoT application. This will raise their confidence level in attempting similar implementations.

Contact Us

If you are looking to conduct an ‘Advanced Deep Dive IoT’ workshop within your organization, let us know. We will work with you to customize the content and the schedule based on your needs and company objectives. Write to us at sachin@iotworkshops.in or call us on +91 9892591561 to discuss further.

— Team IoT Workshops

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