30 Hours ‘Introduction to IoT Technology’ Workshop for Corporates

We are now bringing a 30 hour ‘Introduction to Internet of Things Technology’ Workshop, specifically designed to cater to the requirements of corporates seeking to enter the IoT services domain. There are multiple opportunities for organizations but moving the team along the strategy is a challenge. This workshop is a kick-start introductory program for companies looking to train their IoT services team to tap future opportunities.


The workshop successfully introduces IoT as a digital technology with a huge potential to change business models and add new revenue streams to the organization. Organizations that are looking to introduce IoT to their senior management, middle management or engineers will find this course suitable for their business needs. The course content has been carefully designed to give the participants an introduction to the immense potential of the IoT world. The course is delivered by experts in the field of IoT – who are otherwise working as consultants to various organizations crafting their digital and IoT strategy.

Workshop Content (30 Hours)

The course content has been planned to make the journey of understanding IoT very simple and easy – starting with the big picture of digital technologies and IoT; it then highlights the IoT reference architecture and explains each element of the reference architecture. The essential cloud systems are introduced to complete the IoT application use case. The hands-on session is an end-to-end implementation where data generated from the sensors is passed on the cloud for further analysis. The course highlights the importance aspects of IoT testing and security. The workshop culminates with a group activity that is designed to solve critical business problems with the help of IoT.

Workshop Delivery

1 – Methodology

All the workshop trainers are IoT experts, each having an overall professional experience of at least 15+ yrs and working in the area of IoT for at least 3+ yrs. Trainers use a mix of presentations, demos, videos, case studies and interactive discussions to explain the different principles of IoT. They are experienced enough to satisfactorily answer the queries raised by the participants. The workshop is a classroom based, one-on-one course, where the trainers are personally involved with the participants to deliver value for the time spent.

 2 – Schedule

Typically the 30 hour course is spread over 5 days, 6 hours a day. The tentative schedule of the 5 day, 30 hour workshop is as follows.

30 Hour 'Introduction to IoT' Workshop

Additionally, the course content and the schedule can be customized to meet the time requirements of the organization.

3 – Hands-On (End – to – End Implementation of an IoT Use Case)

A hands-on session is included in the schedule where the participants implement a basic end-to-end IoT use case – starting with the sensors and sending the data to the cloud system for storage and processing. The participants can visualize the IoT reference architecture better with an actual hands-on implementation.

4 – Quiz and Tests

Depending on the participant profile and the content delivered, we will administer a MCQ test on the last day to let the participants evaluate their understanding of the concepts and applications of IoT principles.

Key Takeaways for the Corporate/ Participants

The workshop is designed to be an introductory IoT workshop with the following key takeaways:

  • The digital economy is upon us and there is an onslaught of digital technologies, IoT being one of them. Business Models are changing and new revenue streams are getting added (for ex – by having sensor enabled shoes, Nike is also entering into the healthcare domain, thereby becoming a threat to traditional healthcare companies and so on). It is important for organizations to understand the rapid changing economy, identify the real competitors and their fit in the digital value chain.
  • IoT reference architecture is touched upon to let participants know the basic elements of building an IoT use case. After doing it theoretically, a quick few hours hands-on really drives home the understanding.
  • A look at the challenges and opportunities of IoT for the company followed by a group activity designed to trigger the thoughts of the participants towards future products/ services that the company can offer to its customers.


The course content is by design kept flexible as the audience may be senior management, project managers or developers. The proportion of the each objective is varied appropriately to suit the audience profile. The main aim of the workshop is to make the participants aware of the world of IoT embarking upon us and more importantly, our customers.

Thus at a high level, the course introduces IoT as one of the key digital technologies of the digital economy, makes one aware of the elements of building IoT use cases and finally triggers thoughts and directions (strategic or engineering) towards the future strategy of the firm.  We believe that from here on, the company is better placed to look at IoT as an important constituent/ driver of their IT and business strategy.

Contact Us

If you are looking to conduct an ‘Introduction to IoT’ workshop within your organization, let us know. We will work with you to customize the content and the schedule based on your needs and company objectives. Write to us at sachin@iotworkshops.in or call us on +91 9892591561 to discuss further.

— Team IoT Workshops

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