IoT in Logistics- Key Player

There is not a single sector which is untouched by Internet of Things, from agricultural and industrial sector to proving support in maintaining the agricultural balance. Moving further we talk about Internet of Things in logistics. The logistics industry is also poised to benefit from the IoT revolution.

Logistics and IoT is a perfect match. Logistics deals with shipment of n number of things, its tracking, and number of people and vehicles interacting.

IoT in logistics can analyze the data generated from the different assets of the supply chain connected. IoT in logistics provide higher level of operational efficiency to the suppliers and creating customized, dynamic, and automated services for their customers.

The logistics industry was among the first adopters of IoT technologies in operations, from the introduction of handheld scanners that digitized the delivery process to the multiple sensors that monitor cargo integrity and delivery truck performance. In fact Sensors microprocessors and wireless connectivity is already being used in the logistics applications, But even early adopters are just at the tip of the iceberg of fully exploiting IoT potential in the logistics industry.


IoT in logistics will distribute the central control to multiple small self organized units which leads to decentralized material flow. This entire automation will be self adapting to the environment changes thus reducing the load of reprogramming.

The 2015 CISCO IoT trend report predicts that IoT in logistics can generate 1.9 trillion dollars in the coming years. IoT in Logistics can carry out all the tasks such as warehouse management, damage detection, provide real time visibility, smart inventory management, accurate control, optimal asset utilization, predictive maintenance along with the health and safety measures of the worker. It takes care of the end to end supply chain management including the fleet and asset management.

Compared to the many other IoT use cases, “smart” logistics operations show faster Return of Interest and do a remarkable job in terms of reducing core management complexities which are bothering a large number of companies from different lines of business. To grease their squeaky wheels, it is high time to apply the IoT technology and bring the supply chain management to a new, leaner level

Falling price of sensors, actuators and semiconductors with the increasing crunching data capabilities and fast wireless network ensures that IoT becomes a trend in the logistics industry.

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