Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IoT workshops provide a complete overview of IoT and its role in digital transformation. It covers the entire spectrum of the IoT technology – right from IoT strategy to elaborate hands covering an end to end complex IoT use case implementation on an Arduino/ Raspberry Pi board. Depending upon the needs of the audience, we bring the following IoT workshops:

  1. 12 Hour “Strategic IoT for Business & Professional Growth” Workshop – This workshop works for those who consider IoT as an important constituent of their business strategy. We help the participants understand the various elements of an IoT strategy and provide tools to create/ understand your company’s digital strategy. This workshop can help participants transform their thinking and align themselves to the company strategy with digital technologies. A great workshop for those looking to make a mark in the new age digital economy.
  2. 30 Hour “Introduction to IoT Technology” Workshop – This workshop is the best workshop for companies looking to enter the digital services domain – either business analysis, design, development, implementation, testing or support. A good mix of introductory theory and hands-on can get the participants going on taking up IoT based assignments. A kick-start IoT/ Digital program for companies and participants looking to enter the digital services domain.
  3. 12 Hour “Hands-On IoT for Hobby Professionals & Research Candidates” Workshop – This workshop is best suited for those individuals and companies who would like to let thier employees know the latest technologies, including IoT. This workshop is more a fun based workshop that introduces the participants to the IoT principles and enables them to experiment with a few IoT use case implementation. A great fun way to learn a new technology and its impact on the industries worldwide.
  4. 30 Hour “Advanced Deep Dive IoT” Workshop for Application Developers – A very serious workshop where we take the participants through a deep dive IoT application programming session. 80% of the workshop is hard core technology implementation where the trainers will utilize all their skills and experience in making the complete IoT programming concepts simpler for the participants. The workshop deals with complex Arduino and Raspberry Pi programs, inter board programs, inter protocol communication and a complex end-to-end IoT use case implementation. A dream workshop for the aspiring IoT geeks.

Depending upon the workshop to be conducted and the audience profile, the content of an IoT workshop can be customized. Please contact us at or +91 9892591561 for details.

– Team IoT Workshops

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