Smart Refrigerators – The Coolest IoT device

Internet of things is expanding its influence daily. Until now we have seen smart watches, smart phones, smart homes etc. Refrigerators are also included in the family of smart devices.

A refrigerator which has been programmed to sense what kinds of products are being stored inside it and keep a track of the stock is termed as Smart Refrigerator or internet Refrigerator. These refrigerators work through bar-code or RFID scanning, often equipped to determine itself whenever a food item needs to be replenished.

Such refrigerators have an embedded camera keeping an eye on what’s in the fridge. This camera is accessible through remote applications such as smart phones, tablets, and etc. The camera is designed to help monitor spoilage, letting you eye a particular bowl of leftovers without opening the door. There is a touch screen tablet built into the fridge’s door providing easy user interface. The fridge will also have sophisticated humidity and temperature sensors, which are also accessible through the fridge’s network hub.

The fridge will send notification alerts, reminding us as to how long a given item has been lying around long enough to spoil. If it’s your last carton of milk going bad, you can even order a replacement through the onboard operating system, assuming there’s a local partner in place. This means you can see what’s in your fridge or add items to a shopping list all with the simple command. And since the fridge is designed to hook into the Internet of Things, all those tricks will work as well on your Smartphone as they do on the onboard tablet.

Along with the core functions, there are some surprising extras, like a stereo speaker system and a news-and-weather system on the tablet display. This means that we will be able to know about the world while we are in the kitchen. As a result of the Smart Refrigerators working in the kitchen won’t be that boring. The fridge will also come with seasonal recipes built in, although it’s unclear how thoroughly they’ll integrate with the food that’s already in your fridge.

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